The Land of Nod – where were you and what's happening there?

Cain left the presence of the Lord, and dwelt in the land of Nod, East of Eden (Genesis 4:16, the Holy Bible, International Version).

in a land called Nod

Cain went and dwelt in the land of Nod. This is the Hebrew nowd (node), and this means the aimless wandering fugitive. This increases the primitive root nuwd (Nood). The official Standard Version (King James) is devoted to mourn seven times, remove 5 times, tramp 2 times, flee one time, get one, mourn one, move one, too bad one, shake one skippedst one, sorry 1 WAG 1 and migratory 1 of 24 events in the Hebrew Bible. The different meanings: to shake, hesitate to move back and forth, show, sorrow, compassion, wander (aimlessly), fly, flutter, shake to lament condole show sympathy to a shaking and shaking (head ). Nod was outback region. Cain has been reduced this by rejecting God and His blessings.

East of Eden

This was East of Eden. The East qidmah Hebrew (child-rumen). On a literal reading means forward, first to the east, antiquity, the first opposite or front. This is closely related to the east, which is the Hebrew qedmah (Kayden & # 39; -torkában) and the other is the one that earlier days of yore, eternity, at the earliest, the old (adverb), or about to be. Often the biblical symbol of wisdom. This may mean, for God's wisdom or wisdom can mean the natural person or principalities have fallen (the devil and his team). The Garden was east of Eden God on the inside. This had been the empire that governed the ancient and eternal wisdom of God. The word also means oriental ancient and eternal meaning. It was a great wisdom, because it was made by people and God himself used in a limited sense of the Garden to the people.

But remember that evil existed in advance, it is not as up to date as of Satan and Adam came to express it, but a conflict that was good. The opposite of good is from antiquity, ancient and eternal. God said in Genesis 3:22 that he possessed that knowledge along. Then Adam took that knowledge and now Cain got it. In addition Nod Garden. This is not the east of Eden, but also east of Eden. It is no coincidence that Cain went looking for Eden and pitched just as close to him as she could. He will try to make the ancient wisdom of the East, but not for God to regain what was lost. He builds his own world. He gives to his own philosophy. This will be his own kingdom, and he shall reign to his own way. He will carve out his own epitaph before he dies: I Did It My Way!

vain world of Vagabond

misguided dreams of hopelessness Cain's empire was created before Cain was born. God has placed Cherubim flaming swords at the gate on the east of Eden to keep the people of wisdom, which was to the east, but from outside the Éden- what one has been allowed to come into Eden and did not come to God to be returned the Garden of Eden, and found the tree of life. Following the lead of the ancient fathers, religious and secular humanists today still try to go back to the old Eden philosophy, science, education and religion, and the same success as Cain was.

Cain's efforts to get rid of guilt

The first effort Cain had to do with his own philosophy of discipline. That was the thing that is the soul of bitterness now. His problem was no longer Abel because Abel was dead and did not hurt him. It was unfair the way God disciplined him. The punishment was unreasonable, unloving and unnecessary in view of Cain. Now, Cain has seen a Quran that what he had done. I'm sorry, not the same as repentance. Most of the men were sorry for the things that led them to a sense of guilt, but they are not repentant. Like Cain, I'm not sorry for what they did to your family, your friends, your parents, and to God. They're only sorry for themselves and that which they think they deprived themselves. This is exactly the way it was Cain.

Enoch, a man and City

named his first son Enoch. This Hebrew word Chanowk (Khan-Oke "), and that means, committed, disciplined, initiated and trained. Town called Cain, which he built Enoch and the city of Discipline and Education. Like many sinful father, Cain tried to guilt trips your son

This guy never makes mistakes by his father, Cain would see that Adam was too easy for him I let him roam the fields and look at yourself, do your own thinking and come up with your own.. conclusions What is wrong with this was Adam for if Cain was more supervision, if Adam is shown a little more interest in it, and held a little closer control over how differently things might have been Adam knew there were death threats hunted Cain…; lurking outside the door like God himself. Still, Adam let Cain go his way, and completely alone. I never taught Cain to obey and respect authority. respect had he done so, Cain would have listened to, and this would not have happened . Cain would not be that Enoch made a mistake. He beat the hell out of that self-willed, stubborn child, if necessary, to train him and get him to respect authority.

Just like the Cain and Enoch, rebellion does not usually happen in the first generation, but in the second. Irad's son named Enoch. This Hebrew & # 39;. Iyrad (ee-Rawḑ "), and that means, fleet-footed, or in other words, a runaway or durability This shows that Enoch did not just himself and his family to fugitives God but that he hoped his son would be courage that was not enough to break this legalistic town and look for the truth in a different place and manner.

as was old enough, Irad had to flee the Cain and his heartless religion. But as those who have gone before him, he continued to Irad religious. looking at God and the truth. he has a conscience, and felt the judgment of the sting of God. he called his grandfather and children to the son of Mehujael . This is the Hebrew echuwyaOel M ^ (oo-MEKH rotation ale & # 39;) or MechiyyaOel (MEKH-ee-yaw ale "), which means Smitten of God. Irad God's reviews have been obscured by the cruel, tyrannical religious grandfather. The only God knew that the man who allegedly mistreated him because he and Cain, who testified that the right to honor God and to brutalize his own father. Mahujael followed the religion of God and named his son Methusael. This word MethuwshaOel (meth Shaw-oo-ale), which means the man of God. No doubt, it was a tradition and a sincere interest in God and his family of origin. He heard the story of how his grandfather Eve said, "I have gotten a man from the Lord." Methusael tried to live up to this name, tradition and became a religious teacher, moving through the son of the old story. But like all religious humanism, good intentions and best efforts of the people rather than that which is God-all have failed. The stories and distorted conclusions, and things went from bad to worse.

Not Religion, Faith

Nowhere in this line of Cain on his mention of the victims of Abel and Cain's descendants so that any bloodshed. There is no doubt that this was not part of the religious heritage. That was the thing that caused Cain's fall, and it is most likely that he did not encourage it among his people. In fact, he kept them fully. Like the infamous patriarch, decedents of Cain believed in the inherent goodness of man, religion, good works, and doing the best he could. They lived on the east of Eden.

The decline

Methusael, the man of God, the father of Lamech; and he will be a kind of summa bonnum, not just Cain's line, but the line of religious humanism.

The name Lamech is a bit difficult and obscure. Extensive research also turned up some Hebrew name of this likelihood that the events taking place there, but the accuracy is deceptive in line. You should exercise caution in the same meaning as that name.

The name Lamech or Lemech "in Hebrew, it seems that there are two almost completely different meanings. A valid e Lamech who Cain and the other to the father of Noah, who was also named Lamech but who is a descendant . Seth Because a valid e Lamech, the name means. the information contained herein (as the mercenary argument) to bargain a harlot, and pick up the wrong way, like a sinister purposes


was Lamech's two wives in the name of the first was Adah This name is not difficult is the Hebrew & # 39;… Adah (aw-daw '), and this means that adorn the deck itself to the development, to take away. It seems to convey the information that Hada was a whore, Lamech when he met and married.

is the name of the other Zillah wife. This Hebrew word Tsillah (tsil Act), which means a shadow, a shadow or a protection. The contrast between the personalities of the two girls also dramatized the difference between "A" and "Z" (although this is going a bit far symbolism). It describes a quiet woman, religious body, a protective mother and wife; and probably indicates that someone with little or no sense of it. There are today many Lamechs around; Men who run a fast, flashy, gaudy and flashy women; and a good girl to go home.


The Lamech and Adah had two sons. The title was the first in Jabal. The Hebrew word for the name Yabal (rotation bellow ") and means, waterways, or a wandering, meandering stream. Jabal was traveling. Drifting in the distance, keeping a lonely regions and a living sheep. He slept under the stars and took the sources. Like the desert nomads, it was not a place to call home. He just drifted.


the name of the other was Jubal. This word, which literally means Yuwbal (yoo-roars ") by an explosion. Normally this would be the blast of the trumpet as a jubilee year, which in reality is that the origin of this name, and very close to it. But in this case I do not think that it was the explosion of a trumpet, trumpet because it is not listed here, but a harp and the organ is identified. The name also has something to do with a river or stream running or singing, and apparently a singer. In other words, it was Jubal noise-maker. The language suggests that music and singing was loud, raucous and bars. So you see not much has changed over the history of man. The smooth talking man marries a woman fast and has a son who is a hippie, a beachcomber, a dropout from society; and the other is a musician. The last hanging out in pubs twanging the strings and he sang a loud, nasal song about the hard Livin & # 39 ;, but well Meanie "idol-old boy in the weight bar who can not make up his mind as to which one of the two woman really wants

on the other side of the "Family"

Zillah also gave Lamech two children;. one boy and one girl in the boy's name Tubal-Cain. . the name of two parts Hebrew word Tuwbal Qayim (too-left & # 39; -kah & # 39; -jin).. the first part of the name, Tubal, an instructor in this context means that, carry, lead, or produce. the name means Cain fix spear or lance done through the strike. Apparently Tubal-Cain made and taught others how to, with the exception of weapons of copper and iron.

the departure religion or it?

in the case of Cain escaped the decedents of those accounts were religious throughout as the descendants of Seth, if they were not righteous by faith. This occupation tuba-Cain seems at first sight to be a wide departure from that tradition. However, one must keep in mind that Cain, the patriarch was this religious system, a bad-tempered and violent man who killed the innocent brother of religious differences. Some of the most violent and warring people throughout history, such as Constantine and Richard were the religious leaders and carried out the violence in the name of religion. The last time there was religious violence in Ireland, Yugoslavia and the Middle East. In the west, the religious fundamentalists of the most hawkish, pro-military, and is ready to propose violence as the solution to many problems in the national and international levels. Perhaps the root of religion, which Tubal-Cain.

The motivation behind Tubal-Cain mission is unclear. Some verse reveals that at his age the men were violent and bloodshed and wickedness was great on the earth. Maybe it was as simple as supply and demand.

One thing is clear. The anthropologists and evolutionists wrong again. Men born in the ability to work in bronze and metal. Not able over the years to the cave and stone age, but none of that has ever existed on this earth.

Naamah agreeable One

Just what is not clear that she was Naamah. The name of the Hebrew Na`amah (nah am w & # 39;), and that means nice, cozy, elegant, beautiful, sweet, and easy to get along with. Perhaps this explains one of the descendants of Cain, that it's a really nice person. But there is some indication that it is not trying to porftray good character. Maybe this is a pretty descriptive, but gullible girl who is a simple sign of the men who came into her life. He definitely grew up in that kind of environment; Zilliah although they were able to protect him from it.

The original religion Humanist Manifesto

The inevitable end of religious humanism supported by a little story to tell Lamech had two wives. ".. I killed a man to my wounding, and a young man to my hurt." The reason that he gave a little vague, and there are different opinions on it. Some believe that the two men have set out to kill him. One of them was wounded in the other trying to finish him off. Others think that Lamech had confessed, as no doubt you have heard many times Cain is doing to let his temper get away from him and committed the two murders is very unfortunate that he is suffering insults and revenge are likely to their own people.

But the important thing is really not motives. This is the argument that impressive. He said that his great, great, great grandfather killed a man, and that God's kindness to him, and promised vengeance seven times the man who would hurt him. That being the case, God avenge Lámekhért seventy and sevenfold for murdering two men. He would have thought that Lamech had satisfied the fourteen-fold, but did not go because of it. It was not satisfied with multiplying. Vitt eleventh 7 performance.

Modern Day Lamechs

The tendency is to laugh laugh ridicule and disbelief of cheekiness bent man, but hardly a better example in Scripture to confirm that we It happened to the religious law of humanism and religion today. Have a great shout, which is up leniency, mercy and help for the transgressor. This is true whether we are talking about an immoral person, a rebel, and defamatory in the church, the revolutionary who is trying to overthrow the government or the rapist or murder. Religious leaders and groups to come out of the hundreds and thousands to help these poor people and to defend the rights of fellow humans. But one would be hard pressed to find a pastor or religious group who committed to anything meaningful to the victims of these heartless, selfish and sinister people. It makes no difference that these bleeding hearts that some poor wife, with her hungry children at home, sitting neglected and frightened because her husband pulled out and left him with a young hussy. Nothing made that more of them today Lamechs sticking up for the righteous cause. The whole noise in the church is that it does not interfere with other people's business, not judging and not doing anything to hurt the feelings of the poor people who really can not help it, you do not have enough character and sense of responsibility to honor his vows and that his wife and family.

should be treated as murderers and rapists like honored guests, they have their own cell with all the amenities of home, providing them shelter in their nefarious deeds, and turn them out in the streets of the lowest legal irregularities.

As it was in the days of Noah

One reason is that we know that this is the end of this mentality of age. This is the way to God's judgment pronounced just before the old world and sent a flood, and Jesus said. "As it was in the days of Noah … (Luke 17:26) Keep in mind that Cain was a very religious man and Cain's line was very religious, but it was all humanism. it was a religion that is not only not in accordance with God's instructions, but it's bloated and defiance of God in His judgments and His areas of expertise. This spirit is very evident in the false world religious humanism Often she called the core and the gospel. Like Cain, religious humanists today think that any arrogance, this rebellion, these popular movements, and these tactics, you can bully your way back to Eden, and it turns out that the tree of life, but they No. no one has ever gotten has been the Angel of Death and no one ever will.

these are some of the many lessons that can be learned from the Land of Nod Cain and society.

Source by Earl Cripe

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