Radical Islam or bin Ladenism / Khomeiniism? Religion or Politics

The West is in a war with an enemy that changes its governmental form, since September 11, 2001, completely alters its culture and destroys its lifestyle. The West, however, has been paralyzed since the beginning of the war because it was unable to memorize enemy labeling because the enemy's ideology is rooted in religion.

The West as the enemy called it "radical Islam". While this concept is accentuated by the images of the war against religion, and in Western society, the tradition of the separation of the modern Western Church and state, the free exercise of religion and the understanding of religion as a mere spiritual relationship between a person and a god .

However, Islam sees it differently. Not only does the relationship of individuals to God through their consciousness, but also human relations in a social environment, not just Islamic religious institutions, but Islamic laws, states, and other institutions governing society. "* For hundreds of years of political and religious policies that are separate in the West, it is almost inconceivable for the modern Western mind that ideology can both be a religion and a political ideology.

When an enemy seeks to destroy religion, When its society is divided between the separation of the church and the state and the free practice of religion? It has become the great and paralyzing dilemma of the West.

When Western leaders' Radical Islam ", emphasizing the bad thing, while this terminology is accurate, placing emphasis on religion, which has led to great shock in Western society and hindered its ability to fight this mortal enemy. Examples of this are allegations of religious discrimination as European And the United States "fled" crisis and the United States President of Trump, on the travel ban of people from seven countries who are now considered a terrorist. While the enemy's ideology is rooted in religion, it focuses on what it wants to achieve. The terrorist strives in Western nations from secular democracies to total theocratic police states that suppress women and kill gays, adulterers, and everyone else who do not accept a state-recognized religion. (19459006) A very strict interpretation of Islam. Therefore, the West must change the terminology it uses to focus on where it belongs, in the political aspect rather than on the religious aspect.

This is the way to stop using the term "radical Islam" and use the term Sunni terrorism and "Khomeiniism" with the term "bin Ladenism" on terror. Bin Ladenis and Khomeini-ists are radical Islamists who use deception, violent terrorist tactics and other methods in their attempts to change their culture and control society . This is political . Using the term "bin Ladenism" and "Khomeiniism", the focus is shifted from religion to politics where it belongs.

This terminological change allows the West to unite this political enemy In the same way as other totalitarian ideologies have been defeated in the past without giving the impression that the government is worried that people are connected with their gods , Or to fight religion, the West fights against bin Laden / Khomeiniism, Political ideology threatening the true threat of religious freedom and freedom In war, the West was paralyzed by semantics and this paralysis is a major It has caused damage, so it must stop. It is endangered by semantics.

* Encyclopedia Britannica, ed. 1976, vol. 9, p. 912.

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