Pentecost – the religion of the fools and the sacred rollers or the power of faith?

Amy is cheerful, ridiculous and in love, and always ready to overcome difficult religious, social, literary or literary discussions. It can be a topic. He reads widely, remains informed, and enjoys spiritual activity. He is also listening to understanding and talking warmly, not about religious ideas and principles that may differ from others. Amy comes from Virginia, home of Thomas Jefferson, who supported the truth for truth. How could Amy follow a Pentecost Minister and Church in Natchitoches, Louisiana? I went to find out. First of all, a bit of history.

Many churches today have Protestant and Catholic charismatic arms in segments that believe in worship in a more demonic form compared to traditional Christian ceremonies.

These charismatic people can be seen Shouting, claping, waving, loudly, in a way that they are considered crude or poor in other circles, but they are in a sense of feeling and joy. These are people who take their faith seriously and openly show their joy. Indeed, they are not afraid of "making a joyful noise". They talk of both physical and spiritual miracles, healing, visions and visions, and the ability to literally cure the condition of their illnesses. Some argue that these charismatics are too "extra biblical" because they go beyond the words of the Holy Spirit's individual acceptance and expression. Others see them as an inspiration to facilitate the spiritual renaissance. But whatever it is, it is growing and differentiating in its various churches. Whitsun is the "original" or "classic" charismatic in belief and behavior; And their historical development can be the basis of the practice of mainstream groups. According to most authorities, "classical Pentecostism" began at the beginning of the 20th century. The movement emphasized the baptism of the Holy Ghost. Evidence of this baptism was the language of the tongues that showed that they received spiritual gifts. This belief and practice caused the apostate of the Pentecostal to leave the traditional churches. Consequently, they founded their own churches, called the Pentecostal Holiness Church, the Churches of God, the United Pentecostal Church, the Church of God (Cleveland, Tennessee), the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel, and God's Christ Church. Famous people like Aimee Semple McPherson and Sarah Palin were part of the religious group.

According to Reverend Whitehead, according to Natchitoches' Fountain of Life Church, At the beginning of the century the Pentecostal Movement was renewed Which was recorded in the Aktakönyv and what was the early Christian faith and behavior. Languages ​​spoken in the witnessed tongues of infidelity of the Holy Ghost have been included in the centuries of Christian practice as part of worship and were explicitly highlighted and recorded in the early 1900s. Pentecostalists believe in prayer, fasting and self-restraint, but unlike some mainstream groups, they do not separate a special time, such as Wisdom, for these exercises. They emphasize the modesty of dresses and behavior so that women do not wear pants because men do not wear clothes, according to Reverend Whitehead. Nobody, however, needs to receive poverty and give everything to the congregation. Pentecost people believe that people have to go all out, count all things and live in the life of the gospel. They also believe in baptism with full immersion, which is like a death, and therefore represents the rebirth of the Spirit.

Reverend Whitehead and I discussed the current debates on religion and politics. She told me she encouraged her members to vote, but she did not tell them how to vote. Although he does not find a bible warning against the preachers in the political office, he believes it is very difficult for a preacher to be a politician because individual responsibilities and responsibilities are unique. He regards the ministry as a profession, as opposed to the profession, but notes that it is important to know and understand the Bible. It is likely that Reverend Whitehead spoke well and read widely the Pentecostal ministers and their stereotypes. He was in a three-year Bible school education in Texas, but he talked about continuing to study through life experiences and 40 years as a pastor.

Pentecostals are Christ-centered, they believe in reading the Bible, and the Reverend says that Whitehead's most important message would be, "Jesus Christ and did not save him if honest, though this is the dominant faith in the world. We attack the scriptures and realize that sincerity is not the method of salvation. "

So this is the summit of Pentecost: the style of worship that some see otherwise, but coherent and consistent in presentation and faith, fair and respectable . The style of worship may seem dramatic and different, but enter into a Catholic Church when you lift Mormon and you will find it different. Much depends on culture and the set of beliefs when dealing with someone else's religion. Some people come from religions that others believed to be fools, fools themselves, because they did not allow individual differences and did not understand that these people could be honest, thoughtful and intelligent people. Like Amy — and the minister too

Source by Carol Forsloff

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