Competition is the devastating force in society?

It comes from every positive and negative side, especially when it comes to competing. On the one hand, it offers a lot of hope and advantage, while in the negative approach it radiates frightfully and gaucherie. Most people think that competition is challenging and complicated for their lives.

One of my school classmates was often mistaken for why other students compete with her in college. He was an average student who had good feelings and awe-inspiring skills through his brilliant and scholars, but he was never in the classroom. I firmly believed that she was an intelligent student of the class. Even then, he did not get too rich signals because he never believed in competition with other students. This approach never allowed him to achieve what he wanted because he never competed with someone because he believed that he would gain his mind through his knowledge and experience. Although he was originally in his career, but later he was blessed by his entrants' workplace (or "damned") with a competitive mindset who was willing to take over his profile. They ran with him that my friend never liked. So he started moving to new organisms and this is the only reason for instability in his life. Nevertheless, I still think it will be a great life, but it must come from a profitable creature.

When I talked to my friend about his uncompromising approach, he told me, "I'm jealous of being ready for the throb of others, only benefit. "

Well, jealously the only bad thing about the tournament. Otherwise, this is something that develops mankind from trees to mars. Without competition, society could not have gone to this height.

Why is it necessary to compete?

I strongly believe that – for a better environment and lifestyle competition is needed in society. There are eight billion people in the world. Without competing with others, you can not achieve what you want, as there are thousands of people who also want to achieve this. You can get the competition venue in schools, workplaces, markets, economics and businesses, and even in your family. The following details of the article describe the positive effects of competition on our society – you can not leave these positive factors away. The End of the Monopoly – The Consumer Market where monopoly is the biggest discomfort. If there is only one market participant, dominance occurs where the seller sells (increases) poorer quality goods and services. If there are other players, there will be a healthy competition on the market that will reduce the extremely high prices. It is beneficial for society to access low-priced (and high-quality) goods and services.

– Because of antagonism, manufacturers are compelled to prepare innovative products in order to gain a unique identity on the market. For example, in the 1960s, there was a competition for the human space exploration program (between USA and Russia). Competition also encourages political leaders to work in the constituency.

– Competition promotes the growth and development of nation and society. In the hope of a sustainable economy, the finance minister will base the nation's growth and development programs. This plan is aimed at taking over another economy of peoples.

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