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American Dream is the promise to enjoy and enjoy everything. Not only media and Hollywood stars, but also business and politicians, including the United States, praised and sanctified as a utopian goal. But in reality, the American dream is more and more like the "Impossible Dream". Nowadays, many Americans believe that the chance of winning a lottery is better than achieving the American dream. The origin of the American dream was originally due to the great need for security in the face of great depression and post-World War II. As jobs were scarce, most US efforts were to ensure continued employment and to acquire their own home. As a result, work ethics and integrity were very strong. The focus was on a healthy value system, family and community, all of which were pride, genuine prosperity, and genuine joy. However, over time, the same wealth that came from the producer nation also created a consumer nation that was not necessarily driven, but rather a step with Jones. 19459002

American Dream is more of a marketing concept through which Madison Avenue and government have convinced people that a certain standard of living (for example, second homes, European holidays, expensive jewels and other "toys") should be happy and met. Even the Christmas celebration lost its original meaning and sold it.

In other words, I thought of brainwashing as "playing most games" rather than "Joyful life." With even more personal involvement in personal debt, Americans become more pronounced, less optimistic and performing than before, high Despite their standard of living. This is because in the "toys" (material goods), without purpose and with a healthy value system, they only produce artificial pleasure that is as ruthless as cruel.

The American dream, as we know it, is not something that was born of necessity and shortcoming but rather of greed and desire. This is why it does not represent America's true spirit, based on sweating, innovation, risk and reward, focusing on healthy values, integrity, family, community and strong ethics in work ethics.

The Enron economy and the enormous government shortages, the inadequate education system and the family system (where children leave their homes alone with their peers, bands, and TV), practically affect all our lives The pursuit of materialism, Which is the by-product of the American dream. In a materialist-led society where the obsession and fortune are obsessed and can be won in every way, dominant wisdom is politically correct, not the best interests of the community. And when the overwhelming love of power overcomes the power of love, it is easy to understand why absolute power is absolutely destructive.

The concept of American Dream (as we already know) is not just a marketing concept, but It's also used by politicians to win votes and keep voters. In the world of politicians, where the stakes are high, politicians are driven by their own self-realizing agenda. As such, different political parties have their own agenda when they help some members of society achieve the American dream. The Democratic Party, on the one hand, supports trade unions and trade unions, which provide a wage increase for a common worker to gain access to a piece of American Dream. In this way, they guarantee work and wages for people who are not necessarily productive, at the expense of everyone. On the other hand, the Republican Party believes philosophically in the free enterprise system. Their vision is to have an economic system that primarily captures successful people, which means rich people, at the expense of everyone.

In other words, both political parties and special interest groups Election campaigns are trying to reach the political choice of the American dream for the electorate at the expense of everyone. Ironically, both political parties realized that since the pie is limited and the American dream becomes a reality for all Americans, it is almost impossible. In fact, most people live eternal debts throughout their lives in order to maintain a living standard in line with the new idea of ​​the American dream. This unattainable dream that directs both parents to the workplace and works longer and harder than ever, which contributes to the illness of society. In order to reach the American dream so many Americans, the consumer had to be created. The consumer aspect is to get more people to make debt. The logic is that higher spending generates wealth for some people. The problem is that there is a limit on how far people can be debt. Finally, the economy will be a "card house" because it is unable to create "valuable jobs" (based on production, creation and production). Instead, there is more and more jobs in the service industry, meeting the unsatisfactory consumer demand. Finally, this kind of flawed economy will be a financial chaos where institutions, banks, and even governments fail to see what is happening in California.

Looking for solutions and achievements in all the wrong places to avoid joy and pain. Solving our economic recovery, our failing systems and institutions, and our common sense are the spirit. The reason for this is whether we know it or not, spiritual beings live with human experience and not vice versa. So we have been meant and designed to make sense of and purpose to live by recognizing the unity of life and being in line with universal laws that are characterized by integrity and respect for living things. Total prosperity and peace depend on the power of our souls.

Only if the "normal business" policy is replaced by business by integrity (the power of love overwhelms the love of power). We hope it is a meaningful and lasting transformation, which is also cost-effective. Perhaps if the mantra is alive, it lives "with the most pleasure" and not "lives with the majority of games" knowing that paradise is not so much space but rather a state of mind re-evaluating the simple pleasures in life while recognizing that The best things in life are free. Now this is real, unlike what Coca Cola says.

And while most may not be the Lord of the Rings, we are always the lords of our own earthly destiny. Simply put, we all have the power to create our own destiny through our personal responsibility, regardless of whether we believed in brainwashing. Perhaps when we reunite our spiritual roots and understand the unity of life, we finally realize that we are all connected to the life network, that whatever has direct impact, it has a direct impact on them (the global economy perfectly illustrates this fact). Perhaps then confrontation will provide a way to cooperate and destruction will be replaced by construction. Only then will we find that peace is not so much a unit of similarity, but the diversity of diversity – the diversity that must be celebrated. Perhaps, as we realize that we are all children of God, we learn to respect life and ultimately experience the true and lasting peace and harmony that will inevitably lead to total prosperity in a profitable spirit. Now this is something to sing.


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