The Source of African Theologies

Africa's diverse cultures and unique world views have their own resources in God's discussion. All directions for the pursuit of African theology in Christian tradition should be illustrated from the perspective of God, with a thorough African view of the world.

Biblical Christian theology is based on the Bible and to some extent the systematic theology takes away Affects the accepted ecclesial traditions in the immediate resurrection era. The Bible and the ecclesiastical tradition form two main sources of accepted Christian theologies of the various sects and denominations. The discourse on God regarding African traditions has long been a mix of verbal tradition and experience in the ages. In addition, the two great religions of the world and cultural factors contribute to this discourse, and its traditional religion has enormous influence.

The lack of documentation of any form of the religious literary corpus is the traditional A traditional religion in Africa is subject to many criticisms, doubts and descriptions. Some refer to traditional religious practices such as animism or paganism. But we must note that Christian Christian religious practices are reflected in pastoral past experiences.

Call for African theology must ignore these factors. In addition, resources; From which the Africans have experienced the phenomenon of deity, they contribute a great deal to the expression of any theology. Always "bluish" theology is impossible because the essence of Christianity is a historical religion. The source of African theology, though not acceptable in some Christian quarters, is very important in theology.

According to Omasogie, before the medieval era and when the Christian came to his own in Europe, there was no serious problem in accepting the reality of the spiritual empire. In such an atmosphere, it is easy to perceive the presence of God in nature and to symbolize this presence in the use of material elements whose concrete signs of presence were.

As a revelation to the understanding of the Supreme Being. In this perspective, there is no other thought for pre-Christian Africa. Whatever discussions or evaluations were made of the Supreme Being, observing nature and their activity were no written scriptures on God and creation. Therefore, in the traditional religion in Africa there are different stories about God, creation, man, etc.

For example, rain is one of God's greatest blessings. While in the Democratic Republic of the Congo the Bantu speaking groups, Togo, Ghana and Benin are as humble as the voice of God, the Gikuyu of Kenya views the thunder as a movement of God. On the other hand, on the Nigerian Yoruba, the thunder is depicted as a sign of God's anger.2

The general belief in gods is that God has created certain tasks. West African societies as creatures, as children of God's messengers. These deities can be shaped like men or women, and they would get places like hills, rivers, trees, rocks, seas and even certain animals.

Consequently, these natural elements are respected and appreciated in some African communities as factors that are made up of spirits that are linked to the Supreme being in one way or another. For example, in some communities, women do not go to the village well on their slippers or on their heads unknowingly.

Traditional cultures

African religion and culture is intertwined and sometimes becomes very difficult to distinguish part of a purely religious and cultural complex. Most cultural activities involve some kind of religious activity. Spices may be given to goats by native ancestors, or some kind of spell for a ghost or another. Byang Kato says religion is the heart of culture. The change in religion necessitates the re-adaptation of culture.4 Some cultural activities have no religious influence. For example, African polygamy is more of a cultural value than religious. The issue of kinship that governs the social relationship between people in the community is very important in African culture. This determines the behavior of individuals for another.5 So in the typical Mende culture in Sierra Leone, the sin of adultery is more of a community than against God.

But it is fairly clear that even if there is no connection between culture and religion, among others; There are many cultural performances from which we can deduct the truths of God. In such a case, spiritual sacrifices are cultural practices of religious significance. The influence of Islam has had more influence on traditional religion and culture in Africa than Christianity.

To some extent, Islam has influenced or ignored many traditional practices, as opposed to Christianity with traditional practices. Consequently, many; In theology of theology, God's discourse may have the theology of Islam. According to Islamic Doctrine, everything that is happening in this world is in God's will, because this strange event is God's approval stamp. Thus, such fatalist beliefs are held by both great Muslims and Christians.

The African traditional religion is the largest fountain from which African theology lies. Since religion, whatever the written code or separate revelation, all its teachings about God and creation are largely derived from the observation of nature and assumptions. Consequently, while most African traditions suggest that religion suggests monotheism, the variety of worship and respectful objects may suggest suggesting a shift to a monotheistic standpoint strongly maintained by Christians and Muslims.

African traditional religion is powerful And many nationalist Africans want to maintain the most cultural value in consideration of religious aspects. For example, some African theologians; They tried to create Christian theology based on the traditional African religion. Harry Sawyerr and E. Fashole-Luke, former teachers of the Sierra Leone University, argue that African ancestors play a role in teaching the community of saints as they talked about churches.6

Nyamiti and Bujo, Both African Christian Theologian John Parrat, using the concept of African ancestors to clarify Christianity. In Nyamity's opinion, Christ is considered to be the Elder, just as the human ancestors; Creates a relationship between the spirit world and the living, so Jesus creates a mystical relationship between God and the Christian community through the crucifixion of Jesus. Bujo, on the other hand, believes that Jesus is his first ancestor but goes beyond all other people.7 Society as a theological source involves all forms of human activity and interaction: politically, economically, socially, ethnically, etc. These factors become more and more complex every day so that certain features can be easily treated in any religion. These aspects or features are arguments and arguments from which the atheolies were built.

As a conclusion, I must say here that all of these theological resources are the God that we have handed over or experienced. It can be said that they are not sufficient to reach universally accepted African Christian theology, as they have so many features that are completely unacceptable to orthodox and even evangelical Christianity. But African theology is far from the Christian province, it draws a lot of inspiration from these sources, and it is undoubtedly a question that needs to be tackled as we move forward to see how far African theology can be done.

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Competition is the devastating force in society?

It comes from every positive and negative side, especially when it comes to competing. On the one hand, it offers a lot of hope and advantage, while in the negative approach it radiates frightfully and gaucherie. Most people think that competition is challenging and complicated for their lives.

One of my school classmates was often mistaken for why other students compete with her in college. He was an average student who had good feelings and awe-inspiring skills through his brilliant and scholars, but he was never in the classroom. I firmly believed that she was an intelligent student of the class. Even then, he did not get too rich signals because he never believed in competition with other students. This approach never allowed him to achieve what he wanted because he never competed with someone because he believed that he would gain his mind through his knowledge and experience. Although he was originally in his career, but later he was blessed by his entrants' workplace (or "damned") with a competitive mindset who was willing to take over his profile. They ran with him that my friend never liked. So he started moving to new organisms and this is the only reason for instability in his life. Nevertheless, I still think it will be a great life, but it must come from a profitable creature.

When I talked to my friend about his uncompromising approach, he told me, "I'm jealous of being ready for the throb of others, only benefit. "

Well, jealously the only bad thing about the tournament. Otherwise, this is something that develops mankind from trees to mars. Without competition, society could not have gone to this height.

Why is it necessary to compete?

I strongly believe that – for a better environment and lifestyle competition is needed in society. There are eight billion people in the world. Without competing with others, you can not achieve what you want, as there are thousands of people who also want to achieve this. You can get the competition venue in schools, workplaces, markets, economics and businesses, and even in your family. The following details of the article describe the positive effects of competition on our society – you can not leave these positive factors away. The End of the Monopoly – The Consumer Market where monopoly is the biggest discomfort. If there is only one market participant, dominance occurs where the seller sells (increases) poorer quality goods and services. If there are other players, there will be a healthy competition on the market that will reduce the extremely high prices. It is beneficial for society to access low-priced (and high-quality) goods and services.

– Because of antagonism, manufacturers are compelled to prepare innovative products in order to gain a unique identity on the market. For example, in the 1960s, there was a competition for the human space exploration program (between USA and Russia). Competition also encourages political leaders to work in the constituency.

– Competition promotes the growth and development of nation and society. In the hope of a sustainable economy, the finance minister will base the nation's growth and development programs. This plan is aimed at taking over another economy of peoples.

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What is a monocultural society?

Do you live in a monocultural or multicultural society? It is often difficult to determine. What is a monocultural society? Most experts agree that the basic features of a monocultural society are common heritage, faith structure, language, and generally a single identity. As we live in a more global world, many of our societies are fundamentally more cultured. But still many of today's society still share the common features of a monocultural society. 1. A Common Heritage The historical legacy of society can be based on the perception that nations, food, language, attitudes, racial Features and religious convictions are an indispensable element of the nation's identity

2. A shared belief system

Most of the country's citizens have a common belief structure, Is based on its inheritance. These beliefs form the national identity and the "psyche" that are linked to a much strengthened society, but a nation that benefits a multicultural ethnic society. The Inward Looking "Psychic"

Many monocultural societies tend to look more inward and outward looking than in the culture of the nation. Television programs and news are usually locally focussed and the culture's identity is strongly promoted. Some degree of ignorance of the outside world is often the inward looking product.

. Suspect of "Aliens" A "psyche" of a monocultural society can often be suspicious of "foreigners" and unacceptable in their beliefs that can lead to the suppression of multicultural partnerships. They live through the "ghetto" mentality of separation of cultures in the areas where they live

5. General Religious Values ​​

While in some societies religion is less important Other cultures consider them as part of their national or ethnic identity A strong monocultural official religion is often a strong feature of this type of society. Citizens of strong multicultural societies are far more tribal if they live outside their own culture, multicultural marriages are unacceptable, neighbors, food and even workplaces are more than just tribalisms, but they are not the only ones in the world of multicultural cultures. "

6. Is also "tribal". – the influence of the new society that this strong cultural bond has declined, with others who share.

7. Purchase of Goods

Monocultural societies prefer their own products rather than products from other nations. They are generally proud of their industry and economic results – they encourage the purchase of products produced at national level against others. This is favorable in the recession, but it can hinder the choice of consumers in an expanding economy.

Monocultural societies feel more and more secure if they are "conservative as a group" when they accept the change. While threatening, these societies are more closely linked to each other, but may be guilty of the worst forms of ethnic abuse. Historical examples include Armenian Holocaust Turkey or past bloodshed in the Balkans and Rwanda. "

– Events that do not normally occur in modern, multinational societies that accept differences between ideas and beliefs. Recessions often create more monocultural views in societies, suddenly even multicultural societies appear defective – many times Despite the economic difficulties, without the color, the music and the openness of the multicultural society, we would live in a very boring and limited world

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Today's Political Society


In today's political climate, and what many see as the destruction and the demise of our Constitution, it is relatively easy to lose ones cool, becoming coarse and offensive in our retoric, on forums and in exchanges . Yes, I have been guilty of this behavior myself. I have to admit at the time of my caustic outburst. I thought I felt good and was quite smug about my comeback, only to realize later that I had lost the battle, and not only lost, but I felt immense, disappointed about how I had lost.

To lose a discussion on the merits is one thing, to lose because of acerbic, name calling, foul language is inexcusable. At this stage of the game, I make a point of not using vulgarity. I reach out to find the person right name, also to assure the right title to those in office, especially those with whom I am in total disagreement. We have seen and heard the leader of the Senate, Mr. Reid call citizens who were using their constitutional rights as terrorists. Too often members of our political class use offensive language to intimidate those who oppose them, and spew rhetoric that is blatant thuggish behavior.

As an example, I always refer to Obama as President Obama. In my opinion, the Presidency is the highest office in the country; In the most powerful nation, in the world, and it is the office that demands my respect. I happen to disagree entirely with most of Obama's policies and have no respect for his administration. Having said that when I argue the lack of merit of this President, any offensive rhetoric regarding his policies, create fodder for my opponents, and the message I had hoped to convey becomes lost in their response to my earthiness.

With some people especially those on the far left, there is precious little that you can say, that will change their minds. As we, we have all come to realize double standards abound in the liberal left. At least when I walk away or finish my criticism, I may not have won the argument, but my honor is intact, and that is a solid, good feeling.

And in doing so replay my opinion) as to how we Conservatives, Keepers of the Constitution, behave in our debates. (I have to confess; sometimes it is a mighty challenge to keep my lips zipped.) So, my fellow Patriots, may I suggest we take the high ground. Also, keep in mind; It is crucial to remember your VOTE use it wisely.


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American Dream Policy


American Dream is the promise to enjoy and enjoy everything. Not only media and Hollywood stars, but also business and politicians, including the United States, praised and sanctified as a utopian goal. But in reality, the American dream is more and more like the "Impossible Dream". Nowadays, many Americans believe that the chance of winning a lottery is better than achieving the American dream. The origin of the American dream was originally due to the great need for security in the face of great depression and post-World War II. As jobs were scarce, most US efforts were to ensure continued employment and to acquire their own home. As a result, work ethics and integrity were very strong. The focus was on a healthy value system, family and community, all of which were pride, genuine prosperity, and genuine joy. However, over time, the same wealth that came from the producer nation also created a consumer nation that was not necessarily driven, but rather a step with Jones. 19459002

American Dream is more of a marketing concept through which Madison Avenue and government have convinced people that a certain standard of living (for example, second homes, European holidays, expensive jewels and other "toys") should be happy and met. Even the Christmas celebration lost its original meaning and sold it.

In other words, I thought of brainwashing as "playing most games" rather than "Joyful life." With even more personal involvement in personal debt, Americans become more pronounced, less optimistic and performing than before, high Despite their standard of living. This is because in the "toys" (material goods), without purpose and with a healthy value system, they only produce artificial pleasure that is as ruthless as cruel.

The American dream, as we know it, is not something that was born of necessity and shortcoming but rather of greed and desire. This is why it does not represent America's true spirit, based on sweating, innovation, risk and reward, focusing on healthy values, integrity, family, community and strong ethics in work ethics.

The Enron economy and the enormous government shortages, the inadequate education system and the family system (where children leave their homes alone with their peers, bands, and TV), practically affect all our lives The pursuit of materialism, Which is the by-product of the American dream. In a materialist-led society where the obsession and fortune are obsessed and can be won in every way, dominant wisdom is politically correct, not the best interests of the community. And when the overwhelming love of power overcomes the power of love, it is easy to understand why absolute power is absolutely destructive.

The concept of American Dream (as we already know) is not just a marketing concept, but It's also used by politicians to win votes and keep voters. In the world of politicians, where the stakes are high, politicians are driven by their own self-realizing agenda. As such, different political parties have their own agenda when they help some members of society achieve the American dream. The Democratic Party, on the one hand, supports trade unions and trade unions, which provide a wage increase for a common worker to gain access to a piece of American Dream. In this way, they guarantee work and wages for people who are not necessarily productive, at the expense of everyone. On the other hand, the Republican Party believes philosophically in the free enterprise system. Their vision is to have an economic system that primarily captures successful people, which means rich people, at the expense of everyone.

In other words, both political parties and special interest groups Election campaigns are trying to reach the political choice of the American dream for the electorate at the expense of everyone. Ironically, both political parties realized that since the pie is limited and the American dream becomes a reality for all Americans, it is almost impossible. In fact, most people live eternal debts throughout their lives in order to maintain a living standard in line with the new idea of ​​the American dream. This unattainable dream that directs both parents to the workplace and works longer and harder than ever, which contributes to the illness of society. In order to reach the American dream so many Americans, the consumer had to be created. The consumer aspect is to get more people to make debt. The logic is that higher spending generates wealth for some people. The problem is that there is a limit on how far people can be debt. Finally, the economy will be a "card house" because it is unable to create "valuable jobs" (based on production, creation and production). Instead, there is more and more jobs in the service industry, meeting the unsatisfactory consumer demand. Finally, this kind of flawed economy will be a financial chaos where institutions, banks, and even governments fail to see what is happening in California.

Looking for solutions and achievements in all the wrong places to avoid joy and pain. Solving our economic recovery, our failing systems and institutions, and our common sense are the spirit. The reason for this is whether we know it or not, spiritual beings live with human experience and not vice versa. So we have been meant and designed to make sense of and purpose to live by recognizing the unity of life and being in line with universal laws that are characterized by integrity and respect for living things. Total prosperity and peace depend on the power of our souls.

Only if the "normal business" policy is replaced by business by integrity (the power of love overwhelms the love of power). We hope it is a meaningful and lasting transformation, which is also cost-effective. Perhaps if the mantra is alive, it lives "with the most pleasure" and not "lives with the majority of games" knowing that paradise is not so much space but rather a state of mind re-evaluating the simple pleasures in life while recognizing that The best things in life are free. Now this is real, unlike what Coca Cola says.

And while most may not be the Lord of the Rings, we are always the lords of our own earthly destiny. Simply put, we all have the power to create our own destiny through our personal responsibility, regardless of whether we believed in brainwashing. Perhaps when we reunite our spiritual roots and understand the unity of life, we finally realize that we are all connected to the life network, that whatever has direct impact, it has a direct impact on them (the global economy perfectly illustrates this fact). Perhaps then confrontation will provide a way to cooperate and destruction will be replaced by construction. Only then will we find that peace is not so much a unit of similarity, but the diversity of diversity – the diversity that must be celebrated. Perhaps, as we realize that we are all children of God, we learn to respect life and ultimately experience the true and lasting peace and harmony that will inevitably lead to total prosperity in a profitable spirit. Now this is something to sing.


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Pentecost – the religion of the fools and the sacred rollers or the power of faith?

Amy is cheerful, ridiculous and in love, and always ready to overcome difficult religious, social, literary or literary discussions. It can be a topic. He reads widely, remains informed, and enjoys spiritual activity. He is also listening to understanding and talking warmly, not about religious ideas and principles that may differ from others. Amy comes from Virginia, home of Thomas Jefferson, who supported the truth for truth. How could Amy follow a Pentecost Minister and Church in Natchitoches, Louisiana? I went to find out. First of all, a bit of history.

Many churches today have Protestant and Catholic charismatic arms in segments that believe in worship in a more demonic form compared to traditional Christian ceremonies.

These charismatic people can be seen Shouting, claping, waving, loudly, in a way that they are considered crude or poor in other circles, but they are in a sense of feeling and joy. These are people who take their faith seriously and openly show their joy. Indeed, they are not afraid of "making a joyful noise". They talk of both physical and spiritual miracles, healing, visions and visions, and the ability to literally cure the condition of their illnesses. Some argue that these charismatics are too "extra biblical" because they go beyond the words of the Holy Spirit's individual acceptance and expression. Others see them as an inspiration to facilitate the spiritual renaissance. But whatever it is, it is growing and differentiating in its various churches. Whitsun is the "original" or "classic" charismatic in belief and behavior; And their historical development can be the basis of the practice of mainstream groups. According to most authorities, "classical Pentecostism" began at the beginning of the 20th century. The movement emphasized the baptism of the Holy Ghost. Evidence of this baptism was the language of the tongues that showed that they received spiritual gifts. This belief and practice caused the apostate of the Pentecostal to leave the traditional churches. Consequently, they founded their own churches, called the Pentecostal Holiness Church, the Churches of God, the United Pentecostal Church, the Church of God (Cleveland, Tennessee), the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel, and God's Christ Church. Famous people like Aimee Semple McPherson and Sarah Palin were part of the religious group.

According to Reverend Whitehead, according to Natchitoches' Fountain of Life Church, At the beginning of the century the Pentecostal Movement was renewed Which was recorded in the Aktakönyv and what was the early Christian faith and behavior. Languages ​​spoken in the witnessed tongues of infidelity of the Holy Ghost have been included in the centuries of Christian practice as part of worship and were explicitly highlighted and recorded in the early 1900s. Pentecostalists believe in prayer, fasting and self-restraint, but unlike some mainstream groups, they do not separate a special time, such as Wisdom, for these exercises. They emphasize the modesty of dresses and behavior so that women do not wear pants because men do not wear clothes, according to Reverend Whitehead. Nobody, however, needs to receive poverty and give everything to the congregation. Pentecost people believe that people have to go all out, count all things and live in the life of the gospel. They also believe in baptism with full immersion, which is like a death, and therefore represents the rebirth of the Spirit.

Reverend Whitehead and I discussed the current debates on religion and politics. She told me she encouraged her members to vote, but she did not tell them how to vote. Although he does not find a bible warning against the preachers in the political office, he believes it is very difficult for a preacher to be a politician because individual responsibilities and responsibilities are unique. He regards the ministry as a profession, as opposed to the profession, but notes that it is important to know and understand the Bible. It is likely that Reverend Whitehead spoke well and read widely the Pentecostal ministers and their stereotypes. He was in a three-year Bible school education in Texas, but he talked about continuing to study through life experiences and 40 years as a pastor.

Pentecostals are Christ-centered, they believe in reading the Bible, and the Reverend says that Whitehead's most important message would be, "Jesus Christ and did not save him if honest, though this is the dominant faith in the world. We attack the scriptures and realize that sincerity is not the method of salvation. "

So this is the summit of Pentecost: the style of worship that some see otherwise, but coherent and consistent in presentation and faith, fair and respectable . The style of worship may seem dramatic and different, but enter into a Catholic Church when you lift Mormon and you will find it different. Much depends on culture and the set of beliefs when dealing with someone else's religion. Some people come from religions that others believed to be fools, fools themselves, because they did not allow individual differences and did not understand that these people could be honest, thoughtful and intelligent people. Like Amy — and the minister too

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