religious tolerance and world peace

signifies your acceptance of the religious tolerance of others religions in their own way. Adopt and religious practices of others, and even if you do not agree with the practice or belief. Religious tolerance is important because it helps us to respect and appreciate the differences in religious practices. Religions sometimes separated us in terms of practice, but it keeps us together. Religious tolerance is the way to world peace. In order to establish global peace is to avoid violence and follow the ethic that preached by all religions.

Both believers and non-believers live in the same society. So it is important that religious tolerance is to maintain peace among people from all over the world. If we know the essence of other religions, you will come to know almost all religions preached the same moral. Because of the violation of human rights, religious intolerance, and such violations exacerbate misunderstandings between people. This can consist of several imminent threats to global and regional security. Solutions for religious intolerance can be found in the teachings of all religions and all spiritual teachings from around the world.

responsibility of all religious communities in their effort to help the preaching, leading to conflicts and to strengthen the security, that fear is replaced by confidence. It is the responsibility of each important of all religions. If you feel the unit and find the humanity of the individual mind, there must be a universal religious expressions. Therefore, the unity in diversity of the importance of religious tolerance. It is important that the feeling of unity and humanity to maintain cooperation and peace in our world.

Religious intolerance is always an obstacle to love and peace. Religious intolerance is mostly because of ignorance and limited knowledge. Education can help to enhance the spiritual values ​​within human beings. Education is to develop religious tolerance, because only the government can not help the laws to crack down on religious intolerance.

because of the religious intolerance of differences of opinion of people of different religions. If you want to principles and values ​​are the soul of the mind and hearts of the people, it is only education that sufficient information to be accurate. Education is also corrects errors of the mind of the people. Education allows us to show not merely tolerance of different religions, different beliefs, but also to appreciate the truly from our hearts. Teaching that I do not think emotionally, but spiritually. The curriculum should be a comparative analysis of the different spiritual traditions and writings enough education to know the essence of all religions. Through a proper understanding of all religions, you will know the similarities of ethical issues.

The most ancient wars between people and countries because of religious intolerance. People usually do not believe other religious groups. But in the modern world, it is logical to conclude that these old beliefs were wrong. There are many different definitions of God in the scriptures, but they all tell a unit, which is God. Each country has its own responsibility to maintain world peace. We can not allow people to destroy themselves and others tortured physically and mentally on behalf of God.

should end the gap to the prejudice and hostility of other religions even if you do not have faith in them. You have to understand the other scriptures, ideas and essence of that you will know that all religious scriptures preached the same thing. Religious intolerance does not help to achieve anywhere. It is therefore important that religious tolerance in maintaining world peace and security.

Source by Deepa K

Five similarities between Religion and Spirituality

When we were kids we were asked, Which came first, the chicken or the egg? If the answer based on the story of creation in the Bible, we would respond, chicken. But if our response based on the experience of raising chickens, the answer would be egg.

The same can be said for the answer to the question of what came first, religion and spirituality?

Looking at the experience of religious books and discussions of religion was the first. Only now that more and more people talk about spirituality and writing about it. As for the origin of the reality behind these words or terms of subject knowledge, spirituality was the first. The spirit was there before did not have any religion. God was there before there was anyone to worship him.

I can say that spirituality is an offshoot religion. For many centuries people professed religion. Some of them are fiercely opposed to other religions on their own. against Christians for centuries paganism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and all other religions. This happened in Paganism, Islam and the other with regard to other religions. They are also opposed to other religions.

But more and more people are discovering that the mere religion can not answer the deeper longing for a better experience of life. Therefore, it turned to something deeper and better than religion. He found that this ethos.

a sense of spirituality As an offshoot of the religion, is bound to be some similarities, such as the similarity of the egg and the chicken.

First, both believe in a higher power for some . Religion believes in God, the Father or Jesus or Allah or Brahman or Tao. Spiritual also believe in God or you may imagine that God is universal or primary energy. Both believe that such a creature has a higher and higher performance than what we have.

Second, religion and spirituality desire to have a relationship is more power . Although the relationship is different from the nature of religion as spirituality, the desire to have this relationship. Religion connects with more power with fear and trembling. Spiritual connected to this higher power of love and affection.

Third, religion and spirituality have rituals and practices is the deepening of people's religion or spirituality. Religion is usually sacred rites or sacraments. It is a spiritual meditation or yoga sessions.

Fourth, in both respects the sacred, the rest of the world. This is not only respect for God. This respect for the reality that is beyond the senses and the intellect. When push religion to the extreme in this regard, it will be a superstition. When spirituality push to the extreme in this regard, it will be a religious spirituality.

Fifth, both the fear of failure . In religion, this error could suffer a worse fate the existence or repetition of hell. Spirituality is unable to detect the error in the value of real people, and the value of life and the fate of meaninglessness. Damn it, repeat existence, non-existence, meaningless forms of punishment error, whether of religion or spirituality.

Source by Jose Bulao